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Get a sense of Bushnell Design Studio, by browsing through our work history narrative. Our
innovative designs reflect our unique perspective. As always, our goal is to produce highly-creative
work which demonstrates our client’s objectives effectively.

NWDHPP – Company Flyers

Northwest Ductless Heat Pump Project (NWDHPP) is a program with Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) who provides sales and marketing resources for ductless heat pump contractors. They were in need of company flyers that not only were informative, but also matched the program feel and look.

Ventacity – Smarter Building Logo Series

The HVAC2 Smarter Building logo series was done for Ventacity, a heating – cooling – ventilation company who services commercial buildings and offices. They wanted a series of 3 logos for their Smarter Building line. We made the logos cohesive together, but also each one distinctively different.

West End – Breakfast Menu

The West End Pub & Grill is located on 6th Ave. in Tacoma, WA and is a local favorite. While they probably better known for their evening scene, they also have breakfast offerings.

THPS – Website Banners

The Heat Pump Store has many locations throughout the Northwest. They were in need of new banners for their website, which feature the convenience of ductless heat pumps.

Ventacity – Product Sheets

Ventacity is an innovative company specializing in commercial heating and cooling. We created an assortment of items for them ranging from brochures and booklets to case studies and product sheets. Each product sheet represents a different system they offer.

Velvet Vitality – Brochure

Velvet Vitality makes natural elk antler supplements (without harming the elk) and is located in Northern Idaho. This brochure features their products as well as a description of what they do and a brief history of their business.